In my morning #startup readings today, I found three gems too good not to share.  From Jeff Hilimire, CEO of Dragon Army, in “With startups, the runway is often more important than the plane“, the money quote:

Rovio (creators of the game “Angry Birds”) created 51 games over six years before they stumbled upon Angry Birds.

Second, if you were not able to attend Atlanta Startup Weekend the past 3 days at ATDC, it was almost as fun following along on Twitter. I had signed up, but some surgeon decided to reach into my gut and remove my gallbladder. WTH?!?  Anyway, here are the money quotes and winners from #ATLSW.

And the 2014 #ATLSW winners are…

  • 1st Place: AutoIQ – Powered-up Kelly blue book, tells private sellers when the perfect time to sell their vehicle is based on external factors.
  • 2nd Place: MyChefsTable – Connecting diners with talented chefs in Atlanta to bring the best meal experiences right in to your home.
  • 3rd Place: 2 Minute Valet – Hassle free valet app featuring electronic tipping! Coming to a restaurant, mall, casino, and hotel near you.
If you see any of the organizers, pat them on the back and give them some coffee.  Finally, as you #practiceyourpitch for events like ATLSW or investors or whatever, be inspired by this little piece of brillance.

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